Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Adventures in Moving: Week 1 Recap

Also known as the week from H. E. Double Hockey Stick or more affectionately known as the week Mama Kujo lost it (like, actually).

To be fair, it's not just moving and new house troubles that nearly caused my complete mental breakdown this week. As I hinted at previously, we are enduring some occupational complications as of late. Overall, it's been a week of dealing with a lot of inconsiderate, nasty, disrespectful human beings across the board. I really wish common courtesy was something required to be learned by everyone in life before being allowed to interact, unsupervised with other human beings. Don't you?!

Now that the rant is over, thank you for letting me spew that negativity all over your day/evening. :)

I am beyond exhausted, so this recap will really be the briefest possible debrief before I shut down for the night and crawl into my warm, cozy, always-courteous bed.

Remember when I shared this beautiful photo of what our new home looked like...?

Well, THIS is how we actually received it. Disrespectful, inconsiderate, and rude only scratches the surface of what I actually would like to say.

Aside from the mess above, the inside wasn't much better. (You DON'T want to see some of THOSE pics!) We also had to fight and argue and threaten in order to actually get all of the keys to the house the day AFTER we were supposed to.

Then there were the conflicts with our new city's public works department. I won't even start with the lovely "welcome to the neighbourhood" experience I've had this week with certain individuals at the City of Cote St Luc. I won't call her out by name, but suffice it to say I was treated in such a fashion that I left the office in tears (after 3 days of trying to rectify the above trash situation which we did not cause). And let me tell you... it ain't easy to break this Mama down in public. So, yeah, thanks for that Public Works Lady!

Aggravated yet?! And that's only the most surface coverage of what has ACTUALLY transpired these last few days (on top of my job stressors). Thank heaven and every guardian angel I might have for my daughter, my husband, and few VERY key mummy-friends out there (you know who you ladies are!) for helping me find a way to keep it together this week! And an EVEN BIGGER thank you to my hubby's family for helping us out with keeping Little Miss entertained while we deal with all of this grown up stuff!!!

On a positive note, our contractor, David, from Dash Construction and his entire team have been absolutely wonderful to work with, and TOTALLY respectful ;) . Awesome to work with, super helpful, great at what they do, and I am LOVING the results so far! (Full before and after pics to come!)

In the meantime, check out this little bit of transformation so far:

Can't wait to share all of the excitement with you! Stay tuned for more fun (and WAY less negativity, I PROMISE!!!)!

Nighty night!



  1. You are a survivor baby woman! Love the floor color and your new castle. Thank you to all who support my girl when she needs a hug or shoulder to cry on . I know she would do much for you too.