Monday, 21 October 2013

Morning Giggles for Another Manic Monday

This morning was a bit of a rush in the Kujo household. Mondays generally are- waking up to an alarm for the first time in a few days, getting everything ready for daycare for the week, general sluggishness. I was up and out with the dog by the time Hubby was waking Miss R. I came back inside with just enough time for bye-bye hugs and kisses all around.

I sat down at my desk in my office, and I get a notification that I have a new email from Hubby:

After telling her several minutes earlier that Mommy went to work, munchkin and I had the following chat:

R: "Where did Mommy go?"
Daddy: "You know where Mommy went, you tell Daddy where Mommy went."

R: "A Mommy home."
Daddy: "No, Mommy's not home, do you you remember where Daddy told you Mommy went this morning?"

R: "A Mommy home?!"
Daddy: "No Rosie.....Mommy went somewhere this morning, do you remember where?"

R: "Danna!!!"
Daddy: "???"

R: "Jordana!!!"
Daddy: "Rosie, who is Jordana?"

R: "A Mommy Jordana!!!"

Ahhhh life with a toddler. 

I got a good smile and giggle out of this one, so I thought I'd share.

Anyone else out there have a Munckin Monday Morning today? Would love to hear yours! Feel free to share in a comment below!

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