Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Adventures in Moving: Renos Part 1- The Floors

Hello friends! As promised, I am bringing you updates on our BIG move. Here is the first instalment of a series of posts showing off our progress.

How in the world will I ever get you caught up on our last 2 months? It will be a process, but we've got to start somewhere... Floors!

The white ceramic tiles in the hallway HAD to go! Forget the aesthetics- I have a toddler running around! We get enough bumps and bruises as it is. Rock hard floors are not an option!

A different version of the accident-waiting-to-happen, cold, white floors were lurking in the living room- dining room.
Demolition time!

Bye bye tiles!

So it turns out that we are very lucky. After ripping up the tiles, removing the glue and cement that was holding them in place, and a layer of plywood, the original hardwood floors from 1956 were still mostly intact below!

Next step: sanding...
...and staining...
... and sealing...

Stay tuned for more updates and a look at the finished product!

Until next time... stay cool, dudes!


  1. Your floors look amazing, Jord!

    1. Thanks Julie! You'll have to come and see the house and how they look all finished! Playdate sometime soon?