Friday, 30 August 2013

TGIF: My Silly Mommy Moment of the Week

You know your brain is fried when...

Hello out there!

Today's post will be a quick one because I JUST HAD to share it with all of you.

This week was particularly hectic at work. Yesterday was the craziest day of all. Exhaustion, late work day, transit commute home (my car was in for repairs). I was TOAST by the time I got home at nearly 7pm.

Hubby had to run out to do a quick errand, so this mama was alone for end of supper, bath and bedtime.

I have to say that considering just how out of it I was feeling, everything was going pretty smoothly. Bath and playtime lead to story time without a fuss. Babygirl went "night night" with a big hug and kiss.

Hubby came home disappointed that he missed saying goodnight. I told him munchkin had just gone down, so he could still pop in to give munchkin a kiss.

It turns out...

I forgot to switch off her lamp.


Just thought I'd share the laughs (even at my own expense).

I would love to hear all of your Silly Mommy (or Daddy) Moments- share a comment about "that one time" below!

Happy Labour Day Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Mine is worse.
    Kristina was on the potty Tuesday night (she is 20 months)and then she said bath. It wasn't her bath night but I figured why not (It was a rough day and anything to keep her quiet). I took off her clothes, put her in the tub, had her almost washed when Hubby came in and asked why she had her socks on. I forgot to take off Kristina's socks. Her feet were then dyed purple and I had to scrub to get the dye out.